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Epic Virtual Fighters has gone to sleep. For good this time?

Time will tell.

Iron wishes you all a great future. And beer.

We are begones. See you, have a good one.
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 Forum rules

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evf. Cozza Frenzy
evf. Cozza Frenzy

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PostSubject: Forum rules   Mon Dec 07, 2009 11:08 pm

The complete list of rules can be read at the following adress: http://evf-clan.webs.com/codeofconduct.htm

To keep the forums civil, orderly and clean, members must respect the following rules:

- No spam/floods/flamewars in order to raise your post count. We will kick/ban you if you continue to spam/flood/flame after three warnings.

- No explicit sexual, sexist, racist and religious comments meant to harass and threaten a member. This will get you a certain kick, and if you have the audacity to do it again, you are permanently banned from the forum and clan.

- Moderate responsibly and look out for hackers, spammers and troublemakers, but do not moderate abusively. [e.]/[ldr.]

- No links/pictures showing explicit gore and nudity. Keep it clean for the younger ones. [e.]/[ldr.]

- Do not continually ask to become a moderator, be promoted to a higher group, or get admin. The more you ask and beg, the less we are likely to give you what you want.

- Be active on the forums often, and tell us if you are going to participate in an event in the appropriate forum or if you need to leave for a while or quit.

- Do not encourage other players from other clans that might visit the forums to advertise for their clan. Likewise, do not advertise for someone else's clan.

- Think of your post before you make a new topic or when you reply to someone else's post. Posts such as "lol" or "yeah" are considered spam and are not necessary.

- No huge avatars or signatures, please keep them at a reasonable size (128 X 128 px is good enough). The moderators have the right to resize one's avatar if they judge it is too big.

- Please take the time to introduce yourself if you are a new member (in the appropriate forum). All members of any groups of the hierarchy are also encouraged to introduce themselves.

- Speak English as much as possible, even if it is a second language for you. Speaking basic English is not a problem, as long as we understand you it's fine.
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Forum rules

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